Nancy Mauro-Flude
../performing artist/ electronic media/
Uses technology (software and hardware) to gain new understandings of time, place and space.

"For at least a decade I have been involved with human machine interaction, for example, inter-mixing dance theatre pieces with live processing code for online telematic performance situations that leak in to physical space, singing and circuit bending electronic toys in noise bands to push performance tools into other dimensions. Lately I am busy with circuit boards and gamepad stamps hacked with motionsensors to make tactile sonic emulators in order to make live performance tools in combination with Pure Data Programming language for the project paraphernalia"

Walter Langelaar is a dutch artist currently based in Rotterdam. His working interests include open source game-engines, bot AI and neural networks, and "strange loops" through virtual and physical realities. He works with a wide variety of media-- including computer games, hacked electronic devices, software, video, sculpture and performance, and is a recent graduate from the Media Design MA course at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.