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sketchbook page for my work in the -instrumental- project at PZI, in collaboration with Steim and V2_Lab, kindly hosted by Kristina Andersen

now working on our JunXion boards, with the kind help of Rene and Frank Balde from Steim,

my board, with one switch attached for testing purposes:


The value of an object is determined not only by its status as a humanly created artefact, but also by its role in a larger system of objects and things. Objects activate or engage their environments in a constant balancing act of meaning and possibilities. Deeply engaged with the systems of the world; it will occasionally turn around and change the very nature of that system. While still sitting there on the table the object speaks to you, it tells you of its own position and it lets you know its weight and texture before it is touched.

A computer is a performer that acts a series of instructions according to a script. By creating (inter) active objects we are finding ways to perform with and through the computer without being glued to the screen and the keyboard. We can begin moving away from the computer, not necessarily very far away but far enough to be able to move and address the space that we are in. In doing this we can be instrument makers, builders of violins and stethoscopes and other things that don’t have names yet.

make your own
“If you cant open it you don’t own it.” Says the label in ‘make’ magazine. Nick Collins says: “If it sounds good and doesn’t smoke, don’t worry if you don’t understand it.” “The things that people have made themselves have magic powers. They have hidden meanings that other people can’t see.” Says Ulla-Maaria Mutanen. Charles Leadbeater talks about the pro-am revolution, Chris Anderson is interested in The Long Tail, For Henry Chesbrough it is open innovation, while Niels Gershenfield calls it personal fabrication.

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