nOtbOt is an automated game-player which is controlled and deranged by reactions to it's own virtual environment, caught in a vicious force-feedback loop...

The installation consists of a hacked up human-computer interface in which the feedback system, originally intended to provide tangible interaction for a human player, is now used as input data to control a 'first-person' videogame. Human interaction with the game/controller becomes obsolete, resulting in a completely erratic form of [art]ificial intelligence.
The observer of the installation, however, can literally try to 'get a grip' on taking control of the system...


more (recent) videos are here and here

Technically the view-angle data generated by the virtual player in-game is being sent to a second app called PD, which in turn loops the incoming data back into the force-feedback system of the joystick.

To accomplish this i use the [HID]-external for PD by Hans-Cristoph Steiner, the [FF]-external by Gerard van Dongen, q3aPD by Delire and Pix, and ioQuake3.
The hardware consists of an old Logitech Wingman Force joystick, another generic USB joystick interface, and a Gentoo GNU/Linux machine.


nOtbOt was recently shown in the Gameworld exhibition at Laboral in Gijon (Spain)....this here's from their catalogue:

"Walter Langelaar's 'nOtbOt' is a self-playing videogame; to be specific, it is a mechanized Logitech Wingman Force joystick that has its robotic maneuvers projected in real-time in front of it. In certain ways, Langelaar's installation recalls the similarly automated works of Paul Johnson, but where Johnson's games are vacuum-sealed, seen but not touched, 'nOtbOt' allows viewers to actually grab hold of the controller. In the process of trying to, as Langelaar cleverly puts it, 'get a grip' on the device, players confront their own metaphoric role in a feedback loop that no longer requires them "where the real object of obsolescence is not the technology, but the players themselves."

nOtbOt at Laboral
Uploaded by malicy

...and this from Julian at Selectparks :

"Walter Langelaar's n0tb0t antagonises conventions of games as slave to our control. n0tb0t decouples the user-agent from the input chain, leaving just a joystick thrashing about in response to every twist and turn of a bot rampaging through a stock QuakeIII level. My first impression of n0tb0t was of a haunting: an AI that would take no more, fighting back at the input device in an urgent attempt to disenfranchise itself from a history of bondage. What is actually going on however is a little more complex, a feedback loop of sorts where the bot is driven by the input device and the input device by the bot. A nice surprise was to find that Walter was using pix and my q3apd module in the piece to handle messages."



nOtbOt is a follow-up on my work in the -instrumental- project at PZI, held in collaboration with Steim and V2_Lab, and kindly hosted by Kristina Andersen.