the 'TODO' project exists in three locations.

First, the island of Pangaea in the virtual world Second Life.
Pangaea hosts many interesting projects and spaces, such as Berlin club the Yellow Lounge, and is the brainchild of Moritz R of Der Plan fame.

click here to visit the projects site on Pangaea.

Secondly the virtual project site from Second Life gets bound to a physical location, via Google Earth.
Here, the structure created in [SL] collides with a virtual representation of the exhibition venue, currently WORM in Rotterdam (NL).

here is the .kmz file of WORM in [GE].

The third location is the exhibition venue itself, which will hold sculptural representations of the collision between [SL] virtual and [GE] (physical) space, and interfaces to all facets of the project - concluding the strange loop...

This first stage of the 'TODO' project will be on show at WORM starting on 07/07/07.