TODO is currently being developed as graduation project for PZI_MDMA, the Master of Arts programme in Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Until September 2006, Dr. Matthew Fuller was responsible for the Media Design Research programme along with Femke Snelting, and Course Director for the MA Media Design.
Current Course Director is Dr. Florian Cramer.

from the website:

Without context, the meaning of information is lost. This lies at the root of the information economy's gradual redefinition as the "knowledge economy". Context grants value to information and hence, in economic terms, is the driver of this process. The MA in Media Design recognises the breadth of this re-articulation and the high social stakes of the game. It regards itself, and its participants, as situated in a community where the sharing of information means gain rather than loss.

Our MA in media design regards theory, practice and technology as profoundly intertwined. In an area of activity where software can - apparently invisibly - determine cultural values, it resolutely rejects a subordination of the technical working culture to any other. As such, the teaching and investigation of code forms, applications, and general "information architectures" runs parallel to all other themes. The technical teaching is integrated within the whole of the course and allows for students to set their own individual and collaborative learning paths.